Purple Rain

Purple Rain

House of Melody


Gary Usher Jr. - Producer and lead guitars
James L. Burke III - Rhythm and acoustic guitars
Lee Holliday - Bass guitar
John Floyd - Drums
Rick Steff - Keyboards
Jessica Ray - Lead and backup vocals

Engineered and mixed by Jason Latsha at American Recording Studio, Memphis, Tennessee, and House of Usher, Los Angeles, California. Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters.

House of Melody Band would like to thank everyone that has helped us with this project, especially David Gicking and Brad Dunn of American Recording Studio.

James L. Burke III
1979 Hiwatt DR103 head/Hiwatt 4x12" cabinet in stereo with Soldano Lucky 13 - 50-watt head/Soldano 4x12" cabinet Diamond Spitfire II head/Diamond 4x12 cabinet
Tom Anderson 2006 Cobra S
Gibson 2005 Les Paul Standard (customized)
Gibson 1978 Les Paul Custom
Collings D2H acoustic

Gary Usher Jr.
Soldano Hot Rod 25 head/Bogner 1x12" cabinet
Gibson original 1955 Les Paul (with 1958 original PAFs)

John Floyd
Vintage 1970's Gretsch kit with a 1940's Leedy snare drum

Lee Holliday
Custom-made Ferner & Hillboldt Jaguar bass
1972 Ampeg B15N Fliptop Portiflex head with matching 15" Altec Lansing cabinet