Free Bird

Free Bird

House of Melody and Friends

Released: 2021
Limited-Edition LP

Purchase our limited-edition first pressing of "Free Bird" on 12" 180-gram collector's edition vinyl LP.

House of Melody is a hard-charging Southern Rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Comprised of core members James L. Burke III, Steven Kiss Moody, and John Floyd, we brought in many of our dear friends to help with this two-year project. Travis Posey, John Roth, Patrick O'Daniel, Joe Boogie, Sheila Synk, Penny Salcedo, and Jerelyn Lamparero helped us make this project rock. We can't thank them enough.

Watch: Travis Posey cutting slide for "Free Bird".

Watch: Background vocals for "Free Bird" being recorded in Hong Kong.

James L. Burke III - Acoustic Guitars, Rhythm Guitars
Travis Posey - Slide Guitars
John Roth - Lead Guitars
Patrick O'Daniel - Bass Guitars
John Floyd - Drums
Joe Boogie - Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Steven Kish Moody - Lead Vocals
Sheila Synk - Backup Vocals
Penny Salcedo - Backup Vocals
Jerelyn Lamparero - Backup Vocals

Produced by: James L. Burke III, Jason Gillespie, Brad Dunn

Pre-production: House of Melody Studios, Gravel Ridge, Arkansas

Recorded and engineered: Memphis, Tennessee: American Recording Studio, Trident 80 B analog console with Jason Gillespie, Jason Latshaw

Recorded and engineered: Muscle Shoals, Alabama: Fame Recording Studios, SSL 6000 with Spencer Coats

Recorded and engineered: Hong Kong, China: Avon Recording Studios, SSL 4000 with Derek Kwan

Stem Mixed and Mastered in White Plains, New York: GRAMMY-nominated with Platinum records, The Lodge, Emily Lazar. Digital 16-bit, 24-bit MFiT / ADM masters, lacquer cutting, plating, stamping/acetate reference for 180-gram vinyl LP master, and Dolby Atmos master

Vinyl 180-gram LP pressing: United Record Pressing LLC, Nashville, Tennessee

House of Melody only uses the best vintage or modern analog equipment available. We NEVER use modeling amps, profiling amps, cabinet simulators, or isolation cabinets. We play and record rock and roll like it was meant to be played and recorded, LOUDLY. Turn it up, we do.

James L. Burke III used: 1964 pre-CBS Fender Blackface Bassman AA864 with matching Fender 212" cabinet, 1971 Marshall Super Lead 100-watt head with 1977 Marshall 1960A 4x12" slant cabinet, Diamond Balinese class A 1x12" combo, Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 100-watt head with Mesa Boogie 4x12" straight cabinet, Diamond Amplification Spitfire II 100-watt head with Mesa Boogie 4x12" straight cabinet, 2005 Joe Glazer-built Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2013 Tom Anderson Cobra T, 1995 Guild JF30 12 string, 2005 Collings D2H six string

Travis Posey used: 1969 Marshall Super Lead Tremolo / Plexi 100-watt head with 1977 Marshall 1960A 4x12" slant cabinet, original 1961 Gibson Les Paul with PAFs and sideways vibrola

John Roth used: Diamond Amplification Spitfire II 100-watt head with Diamond 4x12" straight cabinet, 1971 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Patrick O'Daniel used: Fender Custom Shop Steve Bailey Six-String Jazz Bass with 1971 Amp B15 Flip Top Portiflex and DI with Altec Lansing 15" cabinet

John Floyd used: Brady five-piece drum kit with custom symbols and hardware

Joe Boogie used: 1977 Steinway 6' concert grand piano, 1966 Hammond B3 organ with 122 Leslie

We couldn't have done this project without the help of David Gicking and Brad Dunn at American Recording Studio, Memphis, Tennessee, or Blues City Music LLC in Cordova, Tennessee. Thanks so much.

Album artwork by: Yurda / Uriah Scott design

John Roth photography courtesy JR Mark Walter

This album is dedicated to James L. Burke III's cousin Robbie LaScola. May you rest in peace. Fly High. Fly Free.